• Embezzlement: Texas Laws, Definitions, and Defenses

      Texas Embezzlement Laws Financial crimes in Texas are a unique category of illegal offenses. While many actions are criminalized because they threaten the public safely or physically endanger other people, financial crimes are violations that threaten the economic security of others. Financial crimes can occur in a variety of settings, from small local banks to huge business enterprises.

      Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 26 readers -
    • How Texas Drug Laws Compare

      Comparison of Drug Laws in Texas Texas has a reputation for being tough on drugs. While there is some truth to this belief, drug laws in Texas are not necessarily all the same. The laws and the associated penalties for drug violations can be very different based on the type and amount of drugs involved in a particular case.

      Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 25 readers -
    • Types of Vehicular Crimes in Texas

      Breaking The Law In A Vehicle In Texas In the state of Texas, driving a vehicle on public roads is a privilege, not a right. When motorists drive on roadways and highways in the state, they are expected to abide by all applicable laws and exercise a duty of care. This means that drivers are expected to operate their vehicle in a way that is safe and which does not endanger th ...

      Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 26 readers -
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